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Shang yang cheng quan tu

Original title : 上洋城全圖

Year : 1870

Map support : Paper original

Topic : Virtual Shanghai

Transliteration : Shang yang cheng quan tu

Digitized file : Yes

Map type : Source maps

Size : 47 x 47 cm

Scale : Unknown

Comments : Painted map of the walled city, with the names of bridges, gates, and main buildings in Chinese. The dating by the RGS is open to question. As a document, it may have been produced in 1870, but the map presents a view of Shanghai that predates 1870. In particular, one can see the Temple of Tianhou, that was destroyed in 1860 when the French bombed the insurgents in the neighboring walled city. North China Herald, 25th August 1860, p.134: 'The insurgents had however worked their war round almost to the French quarter, and had planted some flags on the temple of the Queen of Heaven. Our gallant allies set to work, in a manner peculiar to themselves, to drive away the danger, and to prevent its recurrence fired the suburb, which is by far the richest and most important collection of native houses. ... the flames sprang up with fearful grandeur. The name "shangyang" (上洋) is an old designation for Shanghai, one that fell into oblivion after the 19th century (see General description of Shanghae and its environs, extracted from native authorities, 1850, p. 21)




 327/697 results | 324  325  326  327  328  329  330  |